Top Android Rooting Apps 2018-2019 [Best of Best]

Which is the best app for rooting Android

Rooting your android phone is one of the best way to get full control of your smartphone. By default full access of the device is not given. Each and every device manufacturer locks the full root access to avoid accidental errors form the users.However, with Superuser privilege, you will be able to get full control over it.

You have to root your smartphones in order to do get full privileges. Rooting has never been so easy before. With plethora of rooting apps for Android, users has got tons of option to choose from. Of course, it has its own caveats and fruits. Rooting can give you an unrestricted access to your device and you can add/delete/edit anything you want. Though this could potential be

dangerous if you are unaware of what you are doing but it is a big boon for geeks and developers alike. Let’s go through some of the top rooting apps of 2018-2019.

Android Rooting Apps

Top Rooting Apps:

In no particular order, we have provided a list of top rooting apps for Android. Make sure your device is compatible with that particular rooting app. Always avoid rooting your app if it is not supported by the rooting app. KingRoot is notorious in such case which gives you an option (with a warning) to root your device even if it not supported.

Note: Rooting can brick your device permanently. It voids the warranty of your device so proceed at your peril.

Kingo Root:

Rooting your android phone is a tough job. If you don’t get the right app then you risk of losing your data in process of rooting. So, there are software which provide you easier interface and full features. One such app is Kingo root.

Kingo Root has ability to root your android device at ease. It is available for android phones as well your tablets. It roots both of your smartphone and tablets in just a matter of time in click. Today every android smartphone has inbuilt version 4.2.2 or greater. Kingo Root supports from version of android 2.3 to Android 4.2.2. It supports and works with different brands like Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Acer, HTC etc.

Kingo Root Features:

  • By using Kingo, you can remove the root at any time as per your convenience
    It is totally free of charge in market.
  • Its UI (User Interface) is easy and simple to understand in order to root your android device.
  • Where Kingo has so much benefits it has a drawback too. It only supports android version below 4.4(KitKat). Another drawback of Kingo is you have to root from your computer.

Download here: – Kingo

SuperSU Pro:

One of the best part or feature of using SuperSU pro is that you can root your device without the assistance of your computer. It means you can root your device from your android smartphone itself.

SuperSU Pro

It will pop up whenever any application requires root or asks for root permission. It also records your selected choice for particular app and will run the app without prompting for granting root access. It has a policy to make a root log.

SuperSU Pro Features:

  • It logs root access, prompts and gives notification for every request.
  • Its best part is, it won’t work as a external app but will work as a system app.
    If you want to unroot your device temporally or permanently then this feature is also available in SuperSU Pro
  • If at all your android device is not booted properly SuperSU Pro won’t forget its job and will run successfully.
  • If your app is hidden and you want to open it without the launcher, then also you have this features to do.
  • Dial *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#* from your keypad. SuperSU Pro comes with multiple themes to select from SuperSU Pro pros It won’t get heavy load on your processor and it’s a smooth app.
  • To save from the stalkers you can hide the SuperSU Pro It is very small in size and has no advertisement to tease you.

Download here: – SuperSU Pro

Root Genius:

It’s a product from China. Just like its name it is a rooting genius. It makes rooting fast and easy. It’s helpful for the beginners who doesn’t quite have a grip in rooting or techs.root genius

Root Genius features:

  • It’s easy to use as it’s a one click root.
  • It has a support of over 10000 android devices
  • It enables user to remove the built in apps after rooting
  • It allows user to flash custom ROM.
  • It is available free in the market.

Root Genius ConsKo:

  • You got to have a computer to do so
  • Unroot function is unavailable for some time.

Download here: – Root Genius

Above are few of the most famous top rooting apps for Android. There is also a very good app called Framaroot available for Android users especially if you have an old device to root. It depends on the exploit of an Android OS and provides a much better and stable rooting. Perhaps, this is a reason why it is more preferred.

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