How to root using Framaroot APK [Easy Method]

How to root using Framaroot APK? If you have downloaded Framaroot APK, then it makes the rooting process very smooth for your Android. If you are just too curious about what exactly is Framaroot app for your Android, then relax, it is an Android application that will allow you to root your Android device in one click.

Don’t have Framaroot APK? Download Framaroot APK and get started to root your Android. With Framaroot apk, it becomes much easier, and you don’t even require a PC or any computer to plug your phone with a USB cable for rooting. Many friends have asked me if there is an easy tutorial for rooting Android without a PC? I have rooted Android in several ways including the manual method that requires a few commands to pass on your phone by turning on USB debugging, but the easiest way I have found is to root using framaroot APK. You won’t find the app on Google Play Store for the reason as it voids the warranty of a number of devices.

Note: Before proceeding, know that rooting your Android can void the warranty. You acknowledge that if anything happens or any damage occurs to your device will be your sole responsibility, we will not be responsible for it. Follow the steps correctly to keep things safe. To check if your device supports root via Framaroot, check out the list of (supported devices(

How to root using Framaroot APK [Easy Method]:- 

First of all, there are actually several different methods to root an Android smartphone starting from requiring a PC and connecting your phone with a USB cable. However, based on a small survey, using Framaroot is ideal for noobs or newbies. The good thing is rooting an Android unlocks the true potential of the Android operating system. Framaroot does it with ease.

Back when I rooted my Nexus 7 for the first time, I downloaded a few tools on the PC and it was a tad time-consuming process. Mind that USB debugging was turned on. A similar case was with rooting my Moto X (2013). People especially the rookies doesn’t know how this stuff can work out because they just want to root their Android because of stupid application requirements or a friend told about the hacking in some games to avail coins. No matter how you started out, you ended up rooting your Android for good and when you know rooting your Android is worth, you will start to understand these things.

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Steps to root using Framaroot:

Well, back to the point on how to root using Framaroot APK, you just need the Framaroot app which you already downloaded from the link given above or by other means, open it. Here’s a screenshot what you will see on your device’s screen.

> Follow the steps below.

How to root using Framaroot APK [Easy Method]

  • Install Superuser or SuperSU. Choose either one, anything is good here.
  • The third option is for unroot if you need to unroot for any reasons after you apply root using Framaroot APK.
    In the second step, after you install Superuser or SuperSU, there will be four exploits shown and you have to choose one of them. They are Aragorn, Sam, Legolas, and Frodo.
  • These names you might have heard from the movie ‘The Lord Of The Rings’. Apply the one works on your device. If it fails, try a different exploit.
  • When the notification says “Success… Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device.”
  • That means you have successfully rooted your Android. A restart is required.

root using Framaroot APK

How to unroot using Framaroot APK:

After the rooting process, you may want to restore your Android smartphone or tablet back to the original state by removing the root. To unroot using Framaroot app, follow the steps, it’s way simple.

How to root using Framaroot APK [Easy Method] 3

  • Open Framaroot app
  • Select an action to execute. Choose Unroot (the last option that I told you earlier).
  • Wait for the process to complete
  • Restart the device
  • The only drawback of rooting is it may void the warranty of your Android device.
  • As a result, it may hold back those people for not doing it since their devices maybe still under warranty. Nevertheless, unrooting your phone, however, certainly can bring back the warranty.
  • Everything can be back to normal after removing the root.

So, now you know how to root using Framaroot APK. Share the guide with your friends using social buttons to let them know. If you have any queries about this tutorial or any doubts, drop them in the comments below.

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