Framaroot APK Download for Android, iOS & PC [Free]

Introduction: On an average note, there is a saying that ‘Android offers a lot of customization when compared to iOS or any other mobile platforms’. However, you can take your customization to a completely new level by rooting your Android device. Framaroot APK is available for Android device to give you a superuser privilege. Rooting is something related to the term jailbreaking in Apple devices.

Rooting your Android powered device gives you command over the device internally so that you can modify anything as you need by installing some third-party customization apps such as Xposed framework and install some mods. Framaroot APK is a very simple solution for Android users, where they do not need cables and third-party software to root the device. Simply, download latest framaroot apk and root your Android device using it.

Rooting an Android device is a somewhat difficult task, as you need to unlock your bootloader in devices from HTC, Google, Motorola, etc to gain full access and completely root it. However, some third-party apps even partially root your device with a single tap, thanks to the developers. Framaroot apk is one such type. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be guiding you through features offered and how to download Framaroot apk.

Features offered by Framaroot APK:

  • Framaroot is very well known as ‘One-Click root app’.
  • Framaroot apk is developed by one of the top recognized contributors in XDA Forums- Alephzain.
  •  In order to root your Android device, Framaroot apk uses exploits such as Barahir, Frodo, Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir, Gandalf, Farahir, and Pippin.
  • You can root your device with just one click on any of the above exploits.
    One of the best features of why Framaroot apk is famous for: It completely avoids the usage of a computer. To root an Android device, you must need a computer.
  • However, Framaroot solves that issue for most of the part. Rooting installs Superuser application to your device, which grants permission for many applications whenever they try to access and modify the system.
  • With the help of Framaroot, one can easily install  Superuser or SuperSu application on their device. That said, these are some of the features offered by Framaroot apk.
  • There are many other rooting apps available but Framaroot is better compared to them. Moreover, there are many new devices supported every alternate week.
  • It is highly recommended that you check the list of compatible devices from the official website.

Latest Framaroot Apk:

As said earlier, the Framaroot is a rooting application, which allows you to root your device with just one click. However, Google does not encourage people who want to root their device. The best proof for this is the removal of Framaroot app from the Google Play Store. That said, you can download the Framaroot apk from other sources available.

However, do note that there is saying “Rooting voids your device Warranty”. Please keep in mind before doing this and proceeding further. Note: Before attempting the rooting, make sure you have checked the supported device list from

Framaroot apk download:


  • Firstly, head over to Framaroot apk XDA forum: and download the latest apk from the bottom of the post.
  • Make sure that you have turned on unknown sources from settings. To do that Settings > Security >
  • Unknown sources(enable it, if disabled)
  • Install the latest apk you downloaded from the official site.
  • Open the app from the app drawer and you can see some of the basic instructions of the app in the first opening of the app.
  • Now, click on all the exploits one by one. If you get any message such as “Successful”, then your device is now rooted.
  • If not, your device is not supported by Framaroot.


That being said and done, this is how you need to Framaroot apk download and install it on your device. If your device is not supported, then it is recommended that you check out some other alternative rooting apps like KingRoot, z4root, and plenty of others. In a near future, a list of framaroot alternatives will be provided to you so you can root your device without much efforts. KingRoot is highly recommended as it is updated very frequently with the new devices being added on almost a daily basis. However, it is completely different from Framaroot. KingRoot is much more powerful while Framaroot apk simply depends on the exploits in the device.

In a layman’s term, Framaroot apk is much safer and reversible. There is an easy option available to root and unroot your devices with superuser privilege. It is equally important that there is an unroot option available so you can easily unroot your device in case you find the root not to be stable. In the case of KingRoot, it even tries to root the device even if it is not supported which oftentimes lead to bad consequences. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is recommended that you click the root button only if your device is supported.

Framaroot APK will also be made available from here. Make sure you always download the latest Framaroot apk version so your new devices are covered. Moreover, it also brings stability in the rooting technique. In the case of queries and issues feel free to use the contact us form on our website. You can also comment below if the Framaroot apk file is not getting downloaded.