Android Rooting Apps

Framaroot Apk Download for Android [Latest Version 1.9.3]

Very frequently, we hear a saying that “Android offers a lot of customization when compared to iOS or any other mobile platforms.” But have you ever wondered, what this customization is and how you too can customize your Android device? You too can do much customization on your Android device provided that you are able to root it successfully. […]

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Which is the best app for rooting Android

Top Android Rooting Apps 2018-2019 [Best of Best]

Rooting your android phone is one of the best way to get full control of your smartphone. By default full access of the device is not given. Each and every device manufacturer locks the full root access to avoid accidental errors form the users.However, with Superuser privilege, you will be able to get full control over it. You […]

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